Parblanc - La Salle - Valle d'Aosta
Parblanc - La Salle - Valle d'Aosta

Trekking in Valle d'Aosta: La Salle and surroundings

Are you keen on trekking and hiking in the mountains?

The Valle d'Aosta will surely be your ideal destination: it is a region with unspoiled nature, perfect for any activity, from trekking to rafting, whether it's long walking or a whole day, the satisfaction is to reach without hurry places of beautiful beauty, where the charm of the scenarios takes you away from everyday reality.

Along the territory, there are spectacular green hilly and mountainous alpine landscapes, including the Mount Blanc, which represent the most powerful peaks of the Old Continent and the valleys of Valdigne and La Thuile, home to most of the typical plant and animal species of the Alps. In short, if you love green and nature, La Valle d'Aosta will be the ideal place to enjoy a holiday of total relaxation.

The most beautiful excursions in Valle d'Aosta?

Without a doubt, at least once, you have to experience the thrill of the Mont Blanc crossing, which crosses three countries, Italy, France and Switzerland, and is a unique and unforgettable experience, a breathtaking view. The Tour of Mont Blanc is a multi-day trek, among the most beautiful itineraries of travel in Valle d'Aosta, with rocky walls and paths covered by the white blanket and looming glaciers. Along with its 170 km of the route there is a whole world to discover, and eventually stop in the various alpine refugees, the route easily passable and does not require excessive physical preparation.
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Here, then, a short list of shelters easily accessible from Parblanc Bed & Breakfast in La Salle - Valle d'Aosta :

  • Refuge Giorgio Bertone
  • Refuge Elena
  • Fallère Refuge
  • Col Fetita Refuge
  • Maison Vieille Refuge
  • Refuge Elisabetta Soldini Montanaro

For those who practice tourism oriented to areas and countries with high environmental and landscape value, far from urban centers and traffic, where nature envelops you in its beauty and serenity, offers the most beautiful excursions of the Valle d'Aosta with many routes for trekking enthusiasts and walking with various levels of difficulty, ideal for families with children both to more experienced hikers who have more athletic training. Also, you can practice different sports activities, especially during the summer season, with over 2000 trails well raced and groomed lead to Alpine Lakes , hills, mountain pastures and shelters, are itineraries of one or more days that allow you to admire the silence of wild and uncontaminated nature.

For those who love longer routes, we recommend the Monte Rosa tour which is one of the most beautiful and evocative Mountain paths of the Region, inside we recommend the Lago di Villa Nature Reserve , or the Blue Lake that reflects the mountain tops of the Matterhorn, alternatively you can opt for another route that leads to the Doria di Veny where you can reach the Elisabetta refuge where you can enjoy a beautiful view.

Absolutely to try trekking on the snow, perhaps many believe that does not give the same emotions as the summer trekking, however, can give unique emotions without the need to ski. In reality there are many activities that can be done in winter on the snow such as snowshoeing, snowshoeing, which does not require any technical skills, simply walk and enjoy the spectacle of the snowy mountains, or the Nordic Walking that is born in the Scandinavian countries it is proposed as an alternative to walking, trekking on snowy trails where you can hear the silence of winter and last but not least, the sled is a sport that is enjoying great success in recent years.

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