Parblanc - La Salle - Valle d'Aosta
Parblanc - La Salle - Valle d'Aosta

rafting on the river Dora Baltea - La Salle - Valle d'Aosta

Do you love to challenge nature?

rafting - La Salle lake

The Dora Baltea is the most beautiful and richest river in Europe. Thanks to the melting of the Mont Blanc glaciers that are exposed to the south, with the heat that presses, it has an average flow of 60 cubic meters of water per second, ideal for any activity.

Dora Baltea river - Parblanc

If you love adventure, sport and nature Valle d'Aosta will make you experience unique emotions, you will discover how to organize an exciting day, thanks to the Municipal Sports Center of Morgex, easily reachable from our Bed & Breakfast Parblanc, the Rafting base, which have a consolidated experience in the various activities. It starts from the rafting base, in the locality of Morgex - La Salle - it overlooks the most suggestive stretch of the Dora Baltea where the river is fast but not uneasy. The first 3 kilometres is practised by trying the drift manoeuvres and coordinating the crew to get to the Lake of La Salle - where you can take a dip to experience the thrill of cold water and get carried away by the current.