Parblanc - La Salle - Valle d'Aosta
Parblanc - La Salle - Valle d'Aosta

The history of our neighborhood

Derby is a small village that contains various secrets and treasures witnesses of a radiant Middle Ages. Derby was a fief of both the canons of the Cathedral and those of Sant'Orso in medieval times. Today Derby is part of the municipality of La Salle while in the past was also independent of an administrative point of view (had its own mayor) and exercised its spiritual jurisdiction.

The story we know about Derby began in 1040, when Umberto Biancamano, the founder of the Savoy and lord of Valdigne, gave the jurisdiction over this territory for two thirds to the Chapter of the Cathedral and for a third to the Chapter of Sant'Orso di Aosta. For the first time in this act of donation, we find the name Delbia.

In a scenario dominated by Mont Blanc, turning left a few kilometres before La Salle, a bridge that passes over the Dora welcomes us to the derby. Through a small road that winds through typical mountain buildings, we arrive at the parish church of Sant'Orso (XI-XII), with the characteristic unmistakably Valdostano bell tower.

Continuing along the path we meet the judicial castle (XIV-XV) and the notary castle that bears this name as it was probably the residence of the notary Lachenal, attested to Derby and throughout the Valdigne between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries. Procedendo for the narrowly groomed streets of this small village we recommend a beautiful walk up to the monumental chestnut (Castanea sativa).

Going back through the dirt path through the woods you will reach the pastures that border the Dora and then find yourself at the Parblanc.